Aki - Art and Advertising

Oil on Canvas
48" x 60", Set of Three - Elegance, Glamour, and Happiness

Oil on canvas portraiture has historically been used to portray subjects in a specific light — not unlike advertising. My thesis explored the melding of advertising and fine arts by producing large-scale oil painting ads. I examined how packaging design and the model (clothing, expression, posture, lighting, product interaction) affect product perception.

I completed a number of photo shoots but chose to use oil on canvas for the final execution. This was done to juxtapose the fast-paced, collaborative aspect of advertising with the slow, solitary work required for oil paintings.

Behind the Scenes

At the show opening with my lovely model. She graciously sat through many a photoshoot and hair and makeup session.




Book Binding and Paper Making

Girl on Pillow

Aki - Art and Advertising