Be Spontaneous Commercial and Web/Mobile

Choose Your Own Adventure x 24 Hour Theatre
Viewers and directors collaborate to create the next Smirnoff commercial - but with limited time.
Six days from start to finish, from ideation to final product. This fast-paced storytelling allows everyone to be spontaneous.

A teaser video will be released to explain how to play.

A 10 second segment of the commerial will air each day. What happens in these 10 seconds depends entirely on the viewers and the directors.

After seeing each new 10 second segment, the viewer has 30 seconds to dictate (online or mobile) what will happen next.

30 seconds are up!

The director is then given 30 minutes to choose an idea out of the first 30 viewer responses.

With the idea in hand, the director and crew have 23 hours to develop the screenplay, cast, rehearse, shoot, and do post-production to create the next 10 seconds in the story.

The newly completed segment airs. Rinse and repeat for six days to complete a full 60 second commercial.

Finished product: a commercial created by the collaborative, spontaneous decisions of the viewers and directors

Art Director: Ming-mei Hung
Copywriter: Alex Reider

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